Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to APYE?

You can apply by filling out this form.

When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply for APYE Korea is June 15, 2019.

Who is eligible to participate in APYE?

APYE accepts all participants that identify themselves as youth. There are no age restrictions for the program. It aims to attract youth who demonstrate a high level of motivation and qualification as changemakers. We look for the following qualities:

  • Demonstrated passion and commitment to making a change in their communities
  • Humility and willingness to learn from others and co-create with peers
  • Proficiency in English at a level that allows them to engage with peers
  • Ability to be vulnerable and work towards collaborate leadership
  • Possession of a growth mindset – belief that their abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work

What is the cost of participation?

The cost of participating in APYE is $1000 USD. To secure your spot in APYE Korea, a $300 non-refundable deposit must be made (payable by credit card or bank transfer). The participation fee covers:

  • 24/7 support from APYE program managers during program
  • A comprehensive program guide
  • Processing of supporting documents for visa G
  • 10 nights’ accommodations
  • Meals during the program
  • Local transportation during program
  • Cultural field trip on final day of program

The participation fee does not cover:

  • Flights
  • Costs incurred for visa
  • Airport transfer
  • Travel insurance
  • Souvenirs and other personal purchases

If I am not available for the full 10 days, can I take part in some days?

No. In order to ensure to ensure the quality of the output at the end of the program, you must be available to participate in the full 10 day program. A refund will not be provided if you drop out.

What will I do be doing during APYE?

You can check out the overview of this year's program. For details, you can check download last year's program

Do I need a visa to South Korea?

Please review the conditions for entering South Korea based on the country in which you hold a passport. Please contact South Korean Embassy in your country for newest and most accurate information. We will be issuing you an invitation letter upon selection and payment. You can use the provided documents to apply for a visa, if necessary. To ensure your timely participation in the program, we strongly encourage you to complete the application and make your payment.

Can I go sight seeing during my stay in Seoul?

You must be committed to the program schedule. There will be sightseeing on the final day of the program. You can extend your stay in Seoul to accommodate sightseeing outside of the program

Are there other opportunities for APYE?

You can check out APYE programs in the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. You are welcome to apply to and participate in multiple programs.

What is the refund policy?

Refund due to delegate’s withdrawal must comply with the official regulations of Urban Youth Academy.

  • 60 days to 30 days before start date: 50% of the Participation Fee
  • 30 days to 14 days before start date: 20% of the Participation Fee
  • 14 days before start date: Not refundable
Other cases in which the participant fee will not refunded:
  • If the delegate is liable for withdrawal from the program (such as in the case of misconduct)
  • If the program cannot proceed due to extraordinary circumstances such as natural disasters, war and government orders
The $300 initial deposit is non-refundable.